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Friday, February 6, 2015


Ini adalah hasil wawancara saya dengan Jee Risei :

Me  : Where Does Your Band Originate From?

Jee  : We are from South of France

Me  : How many member are in your band?

Jee  : We are 5 member

Me  : What is Risei full line up?

Jee  : Member names and what they play :   Nico    : Scream
                                                                       Niko    : Drums
                                                                       Jee       : Guitar
                                                                       Tintin  : Guitar
                                                                       Daniel :  Bass

Me  : Why do you use Risei as your bands name? What is the Meaning?

Jee  : Risei mean "The Reason" in Japanese. We choose this name because we believe that the reason          is the only way for us to look differently.

Me  : What Influenced your band?

Jee  : Rinoa, Envy, Heaven In Her Arms, Explosion in the sky

Me  : How many albms do you now have?

Jee  : One for the moment, but we will release a new album in 2015

Me  : Where do you record your music?

Jee  : At This Is For Us Studio, in France!

Me  : Do you release tape, vinly, or cd?

Jee  : CD Digipack

Me  : Tell me anything you would like to tell the world.

Jee  : Listen all the music you can, share it, and keep the passion!

Oke, itu saja hasil wawancara saya dengan Jee Risei. Band ini recomended buat para fans envy. Risei is Envy from France. I Love It. Thanks to Jee Risei for the interview and thanks to Alexandre Acolyte for telling to Jee that i'am fans envy and post rock. Selamat menikmati.

Nb : mereka sedang mencari label buat merilis album kedua mereka di luar france. silahkan hubungi mereka jika kalian mempunyai label.