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Tuesday, June 23, 2015


    Ini adalah hasil wawancara saya dengan member Emmahaven. Silahkan Menyimak. Hehehe..

Me : Where does your band originate from?
Dovandri : Emmahaven formed in Padang, WS, Indonesia in April 2014

Me : How many members are in your band?
Dovandri : Initially the four of us, Kevin Dennis Wiseva (vocals), Dovandri Dilon (guitar), Twelthy Octo Lenggo (bass), and Irzi Widian (drums), but after the completion of recording for a demo, irzi prefer to out, because there are other activities outside of the band, so Emmahaven in this time is only Kevin, Dilon, and Lenk.

Me : Why do you use Emmahaven as your bands name? What is the meaning?
Dovandri : Emmahaven is the name of a port in the Padang city in 1888 until 1893 which has now been renamed the Teluk Bayur harbor.

Me : What influenced your band?
Dovandri : Orchid, Pg.99, Bucket Full of Teeth, Jeromes Dream, and ilk

Me : How many albums do you now have?
Dovandri : Demo (Released on tape : 100 made, 50 \ in transparent-black by Svn Wish Recs (Indonesia), 25 in special pack, and 25 in usual pack. and 50 in transparent-black by Arkan Recs (Malaysia), black sewed packaging with patches and lyricsheet.)

Me : Where do you record your music?
Dovandri : Recorded in 3am Studio Padang, Indonesia

Me : Tell me anything you would like to tell the world.
Dovandri : "people will believe what they like
but finally the man has to decide if he will do what is right
that's the cost of my choice, more than I bargained"

Sekian. Terima Kasih telah menyimak. Dan saya ucapkan terima kasih buat Dovandri atas sharingnya ke saya.