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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Make Emo Great Again Compilations Vol 1

Hi all. ini adalah kompilasi pertama yang saya buat. kompilasi ini berisikan 33 band di seluruh penjuru dunia. saya ingin mengucapkan banyak banyak terima kasih buat teman-teman yang sudah mensupport saya, kalian memberikan saya tenaga sehingga kompilasi ini dapat release yang awalnya saya menjatah hanya 15 band akhirnya menjadi 33 dikarenakan banyaknya teman-teman yang ingin ikut bergabung.

Tracklist :

1. 5000 - Moor
2. A City Sorrow Built - Duka Cita
3. Adoor - Almost Based On A True Story
4. Baudelaire - Radiopatrullas 1375
5. Blind Girls - Sentient
6. Blunt - Wrong Script
7. Cold Room - Thrownups
8. Coma Regalia - In The Circle
9. Desphogve - Miss Mananas
10. Die Alone - Suenos Destruidos
11. Diploid- Corrections
12. E s c a l e r a s - Mercurio
13. Emya - Inviertan Las Cruces
14. Eva Ras - Rosso
15. Foxtails - Punishment Light
16. Hulica - And On That Day, Our Captain Went Off The Deck
17. It Kills Me - Aircraft
18. Jonathan Fraser - Lost Brothers (feat. papersky)
19. Keava - Nova
20. Libido Wins - Embers And Our Reflection
21. Lori - Obtusion
22. Nikola Tesla - Luz
23. Paris In The Making - Cadence Of Dissension
24. Rekah - Belajar Tenggelam
25. Respire - Ascent
26. Risei - Greatness Of The Sun
27. The Chase The Hunt The Kill - Where Lies The truth
28. The Hope And The failure - Embrace
29. UnaxManoxAlxCuelo - Engrampando Craneos
30. Vi Som Alskade Varandra Sa Mycket - Du
31. Vvachrri - Meme Shopee
32. Whitenoir - Help Me Sleep
33. With A Purpose - Untitled

Semua band dalam kompilasi ini telah memberikan ijin kepada saya buat merilis album kompilasi ini sehingga kompilasi ini bisa di katakan kompilasi yang legal. hehehe....
Oke itu saja yang saya mau katakan, selamat menikmati. and ones again i wanna say i am very happy because i can post new material in my fucking blog.


Cartografia Del Desastre

Catrografia Del Desastre adalah 4 anak band screamo dari Mexico, tapi salah seorang gitarisnya (Angela) berasal dari Chile. Band ini terbentuk pada bulan Maret 2016. Angela memiliki band lain yang bernama Conspiracion Autista. Dan influencenya Daniel adalah Fall of Efrafa, influence Michelle ada Modern Life Is War dan Caravels, influence Camilo ada Neurosis dan Russian Circle, influence Angela ada Orchid dan Envy. Penemu band ini adalah Vocalistnya (Daniel) bersama dengan Drummernya (Michelle) kemudian mereka mengajak Bassisnya (Camilo) untuk bergabung dan mereka membuat 3 lagu, kemudian Michelle bertemu dengan Angela dan mengajak untuk ikut bergabung.

Genre mereka adalah gabungan dari Screamo , Melodic Hardcore dan Post Rock. Mereka saat ini sedang membuat lagu baru dan berencana untuk tour mexico dan kalau bisa keluar mexico juga kalau memungkinkan.

Member :

Daniel Rosellon         - Guitar & Vocalist
Michelle Del Cuelo   - Drum
Angela Rivera           - Guitar
Camilo Alonso          - Bass

Mereka hanya mempunyai 1 EP yang di lempar di Bandcamp dan mereka belum membuat EP format fisik. Mereka merekam EP mereka di rumah Drummernya (Michelle). dan kata-kata mereka buat kita semua adalah "We want scream to the world that humanity its worse" Oke, itu saja yang saya ketahui, Selamat menikmati. Thanks to Daniel for the interview. Btw, i am very happy because i can post new band in this fucking blog. Thanks for all support. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


    Ini adalah hasil wawancara saya dengan member Emmahaven. Silahkan Menyimak. Hehehe..

Me : Where does your band originate from?
Dovandri : Emmahaven formed in Padang, WS, Indonesia in April 2014

Me : How many members are in your band?
Dovandri : Initially the four of us, Kevin Dennis Wiseva (vocals), Dovandri Dilon (guitar), Twelthy Octo Lenggo (bass), and Irzi Widian (drums), but after the completion of recording for a demo, irzi prefer to out, because there are other activities outside of the band, so Emmahaven in this time is only Kevin, Dilon, and Lenk.

Me : Why do you use Emmahaven as your bands name? What is the meaning?
Dovandri : Emmahaven is the name of a port in the Padang city in 1888 until 1893 which has now been renamed the Teluk Bayur harbor.

Me : What influenced your band?
Dovandri : Orchid, Pg.99, Bucket Full of Teeth, Jeromes Dream, and ilk

Me : How many albums do you now have?
Dovandri : Demo (Released on tape : 100 made, 50 \ in transparent-black by Svn Wish Recs (Indonesia), 25 in special pack, and 25 in usual pack. and 50 in transparent-black by Arkan Recs (Malaysia), black sewed packaging with patches and lyricsheet.)

Me : Where do you record your music?
Dovandri : Recorded in 3am Studio Padang, Indonesia

Me : Tell me anything you would like to tell the world.
Dovandri : "people will believe what they like
but finally the man has to decide if he will do what is right
that's the cost of my choice, more than I bargained"

Sekian. Terima Kasih telah menyimak. Dan saya ucapkan terima kasih buat Dovandri atas sharingnya ke saya.


Friday, February 6, 2015


Ini adalah hasil wawancara saya dengan Jee Risei :

Me  : Where Does Your Band Originate From?

Jee  : We are from South of France

Me  : How many member are in your band?

Jee  : We are 5 member

Me  : What is Risei full line up?

Jee  : Member names and what they play :   Nico    : Scream
                                                                       Niko    : Drums
                                                                       Jee       : Guitar
                                                                       Tintin  : Guitar
                                                                       Daniel :  Bass

Me  : Why do you use Risei as your bands name? What is the Meaning?

Jee  : Risei mean "The Reason" in Japanese. We choose this name because we believe that the reason          is the only way for us to look differently.

Me  : What Influenced your band?

Jee  : Rinoa, Envy, Heaven In Her Arms, Explosion in the sky

Me  : How many albms do you now have?

Jee  : One for the moment, but we will release a new album in 2015

Me  : Where do you record your music?

Jee  : At This Is For Us Studio, in France!

Me  : Do you release tape, vinly, or cd?

Jee  : CD Digipack

Me  : Tell me anything you would like to tell the world.

Jee  : Listen all the music you can, share it, and keep the passion!

Oke, itu saja hasil wawancara saya dengan Jee Risei. Band ini recomended buat para fans envy. Risei is Envy from France. I Love It. Thanks to Jee Risei for the interview and thanks to Alexandre Acolyte for telling to Jee that i'am fans envy and post rock. Selamat menikmati.

Nb : mereka sedang mencari label buat merilis album kedua mereka di luar france. silahkan hubungi mereka jika kalian mempunyai label.

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Ini adalah sepenggal hasil wawancara saya dengan member Meraki/Toska (Brian) :

Me      : Where does your band originate from?

Brian  : The band Meraki/Toska was born in the outskirts of Houston, Texas as a project of a few of the current members.

Me     : How many members in Meraki/Toska?

Brian  : There are 5 member of Meraki/Toska : PJ - Guitarists
                                                                           Matthew - Guitarists
                                                                           Brian - Bassist
                                                                           Brandon - Drummer
                                                                           Hayden - Vocalist

Me     : Why do you use Meraki/Toska as your bands name? What is the meaning?

Brian :  Our band name is comprised of a greek and roughly mean to leave a piece of yourself in your   art, whether it is love, sadness that doesn't have to have any specific reason. We chose this name because it encompasses the messages and emotions we put into our art. Plus it is original. You'll never find another band named Meraki.Toska.

Me     : Where is your band from?

Brian : Most of the members are from Houston area. Me is from New Jersey. The band itself is from Houston, Texas.

Me     : What influenced your band?

Brian : Everyone in the band grew up listening to punk rock, screamo and similar music genre so those types of music are obvious influences on our band. We've been told we sound like Pianis Become The Teeth, Defeater, and Me Without You, We're Very Proud of that.

Me     : How many albums do you now have?

Brian : We have one EP and one album that's too long to be considered and EP and too short to be a full length LP, a split EP we did with a band from New Jersey called Distanced, a few random singles, and we were featured on a few compilation albums last year. We plan to release new music very soon.

Me     : Where do you record your music?

Brian : Matthew owns and operates his own studio, so that is where we have recorded every single song. It's extremely convenient and beneficial having our own studio.

Me     : Do you release Tape, Vinyl or CD?

Brian : We have tapes of our first EP and CDs of our longer EP and our slit EP that we burn and print on ourselves. We don't charge money for any of our music so we don't make too many physical copies of our music. Everything is available online for free.

Me     : Tell me anything you would like to tell the world.

Brian : We're five humble guys from Texas that love what we do. We've been fortunate enough to travel the United States and have very positive responses to our music. Thank you so much for this opportunity to share what we do with other parts of the world. if anyone would like to be friends, add us on facebook and instagram, we always try to keep in touch with everyone.

Oke, Thanks to Brian and Matthew for the interview, i hope we can meet in real life.